Tuesday, 7 March 2017

  Kampf, Krieg, Sieg!

We plunged headlong into the depths of the seething abyss, and swiftly made our way. We shifted in deafening silence, amidst the biting, wind-swept woods of solitude, upward! to that towering point of the mountaintop, where we gaze...

Kämpfen und Siegen!  

Ancient, is the mystical howl that now echoes forth from breath's mist, like a spear to the heart of weakness and servitude, a vicious yet beautiful song of warlike peace...and again, we draw from that crisp and sharpened air of sureness...

Hear us! We shall gnaw upon the bloodied bones of your frail ''movements''!


Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Crown of Life


The sublime keys of the sun


 The rite of elimination, the liberating blaze

When the necessary pain of death emanates as peace from the entrails of wholeness

When life becomes the masterpiece, when men become genius

The dull greyness of theory is not truth!

The truth is experienced like a finger in the light of the sacred flame, burned.